I love candids. 

 Out with my lovey last night taking pictures & some guy decided to walk in front while he clearly saw the flash & this was my reaction! Lol I think this pictures is so funny. 

Yours truly, Ang.


Busy busy bee. 

Ahhh I’m so sorry my loves, I know I haven’t posted in weeks but I’ve been super busy lately & (also very lazy) because yes, it’s totally possible to be both lazy and busy at the same time lol. & I just went on a spring break trip to Florida!! Pictures soon:) 

Yours truly, Ang. 


So one of my really close friends wanted me to start posting her poems, lyrics she writes anonymously, and I think I’m going to! She’s amazing at what she does and I have complete faith in her and I hope you guys enjoy as much as I do!

Yours truly, Ang.

I love sales!!!


Charlotte Russe is one of my favorite, reasonably priced stores! I found that pink dress in the middle for $3.99!!!!!!! Best believe I was so excited. The two on the ends are rompers I saw & haaaaad to get lol they were buy one get one $10 so why not?! & of course the sunglasses were 2 for $12 🙂 (sorry I didn’t post this last night, I was running errands and I’m sick so as soon as I got home at 8 I passed out lol)